Spray Booth HYK-200

Spray Booth HYK-200
Spray Booth HYK-200
Product Code: Spray Booth HYK-200
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Inside Dimension


Outside Dimension


Main door

Front: 3-fold, 3000×2650MM(W×H)

Personnel door

1-fold, 650x1800MM(W×H), with pressure lock

Wall panel

Insulated EPS panel, double skinned, tongue and groove interlock construction, thickness: 50MM, roof panel: galvanized plate

Basement and floor

Complete steel assemble, height:300mm, 2 rows of grilles, 3 rows of indented plates, 2pcs ramps:750×2000mm/pc


Upper inclined lights:32Pcs×36W; Philips daylight tubes(CE approved)

Lower lights:16Pcs×30W;  Illumination≥800Lux

Generator setting type

Side upper intake air, quadrate steel frame, blue coated steel.

Intake fan

2-set double-intake centrifugal fan, 2×3KW, air capacity:20000m3/h

Extract fan

1-set double-intake centrifugal fan, 4KW, air capacity: 12000m3/h

Heating system

Riello G20 oil burner, heat productivity: 200000Kcal/h, Stainless steel heat exchanger, with explosion-proof hole for safety. Stainless steel heat exchanger. Max temperature 80℃, 1pc electric damper switching from spray to bake cycle

Filter system

Pre-filter, high efficiency filter(ceiling filter), paint stop floor filter, extract activated carbon filter

Control system

Spraying, heated spraying, baking, time setting, emergency stop, limited-temperature device, lighting switch, pressure gauge, power switch, etc. All components are from renowned manufacturers.

Total Power

380V 3 Phase – 12 KW


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