Fuel Injector Cleaning Machine FY-2400

Fuel Injector Cleaning Machine FY-2400
Product Code: Fuel Injector Cleaning Machine FY-2400
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  • Advanced German technology
  • Imported high quality transducer
  • Ultrasonic power supply overheating and low voltage protection system
  • Transducer connected with fire proof plastic wires that have up to 120℃ heat resistance
  • Control panel with temperature control and thermostat device, preset cleaning times are available with the timer control
  • With a PIC timer relay, the timing range can be adjusted and set easily
  • Sealed with dense rubber strips on the top edge of the tank to provide heat and sound insulation
  • All heating pipes are mounted inside the side panels to avoid leakages or damage to the parts during cleaning
  • Ultrasonic generator has power control, automatic frequency tracking and frequency scan
  • A compact ultrasonic generator and cleaning tank in one

Technical data

Model FY-2400
Input voltage
Ultrasonic power
Heating power
Ultrasonic generator
Dreg tank
Cleaning tank external dimensions
Cleaning tank internal dimensions
Electric cabinet dimensions
AC220V or 380V
1000 x 760 x 750mm
800 x 550 x 450mm
420 x 380 x 620mm

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