Battery Charger/Booster FY-1600

Battery Charger/Booster FY-1600
Product Code: Battery Charger/Booster FY-1600
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The FY series battery charger is a high quality professional battery charger, ideal for use in the garage or workshop. With a multi-bridge rectifier the charger is suitable for charging batteries with 12 or 24V and starting all kinds of cars, vans and trucks. It has a powerful boost facility and fast or slow charge settings for safe and reliable charging. The unit comes equipped with an ammeter and a 12V/24V voltmeter so that the charging status can be seen clearly. This unit can also be used as an engine starter or for jump-starting.


※  Voltage and current output auto-detect function to provide a stable charge
※  Equipped with voltmeter and ammeter
※  Protected against shorts and overloads
※  Ability to charge more than one battery at a time
※  Jump-starting, fast and slow charging for 12V - 24V batteries



※  Easy to operate - uses advanced digital control technology and a user friendly design so all you have to do is select the desired voltage and current to obtain the ideal charging conditions
※  High-precision timer
※  Practical, reliable and advanced technology
※  Multi-bridge rectifier
※  Reliable transformer with HUA curved silicon steel sheet, 100% of copper windings(optional)
※  With DELIXI, OMRON and PANASONIC high-quality relay
※  High-power transformer can make the engine start rapidly and smoothly
※  Panel features include charge rate ammeter & voltmeter

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