Spot Welding Machine FY-13000

Spot Welding Machine FY-13000
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FY-13000 technology is revolutionary compared to others in the industry. With advanced and innovative technology, the operating voltage is compensated automatically. When the welder is connected to an AC380V power supply, the system compensates for variations of the main supply voltage and ensures a constant current level to achieve a high quality performance. The large digital graphic LCD display with blue backlight is easy to learn and read. The stepless current control ensures the stability of the current in different welding conditions. The unit is equipped with an efficient integrated circuit that produces an accurate readout. A variety of extension arms is designed to accommodate any welding job. With 10 preset weld programs and 60 built-in memory functions, this unit is an excellent choice for body repair work and spot welding tasks.
※ The microprocessor control system optimizes the welding parameters. Using advanced digital control technology and user friendly design, all you have to do is select the welding current corresponding to the work piece thickness to achieve the best welding results.
※ Automatic mains voltage monitoring
※ Overheating protection
※ Designed for dent pulling of different kinds of car steels such as conventional steel and stainless steel
※ Uniquely designed gun cable support arm allows flexible movement with 360orotation
※ Complete with air filter and pressure regulator
※ Stepless current and time regulation
※ Single-sided and double-sided welding
※ Digital graphic LCD display
※ 10 preset weld programs
※ 60 memory functions
※ Electrodes of C-type gun can be step-by-step opened and quadratic rapid closed (X-type gun is available as an option)
※ Variety of welding procedures are available such as shrinking, washer, direct-pulling, spot welding, flattening, waveform wire, stud welding, OT washer and triangle washer.※ Complete with pneumatic vacuum cupule


Input voltage:
Input power:
Input current:
Max welding current:
Output voltage carbon rod heating:
Output voltage washer melting rate:
Output voltage butt-weld:
One-side welding thickness:
Two-side welding thickness:
Maximum spot weld nugget :
Air supply pressure:
Operation way:
Weld timing range:
Cable length:
AC380-440V 50/60Hz
AC 6-10V
AC 1-12V
AC 1-13V
Electronic timer continuity
2500+2500, 2300+2300mm


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