HYK 100FA with Extract Fan

HYK 100FA with Extract Fan
Product Code: HYK 100FA with Extract Fan
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Inside Dimension


Outside Dimension


Main door

3-fold, 3000X2650MM(WXH), with tempered glass windows,

handmade door (aluminium alloy door frame as optional)

Escape door

1 unit, 800x2000MM(WXH), with tempered glass window

Wall panel

EPS heat preservation panel double skinned, thickness: 50mm

Basement and floor

Complete steel assemble, height:300mm, 2 rows grids, 3 rows indented plates, 2 pcs ramps: 520X2000MM(WXL)/pc


Inclined ceiling lights:24Pcs, 36W, Philips daylight tubes

Side lights: 16pcs, 36W, Philips daylight tubes

Generator setting

Side back intake air, quadrate steel frame, color coated steel plate

Intake fan

1x7.5Kw turbo fan, direct drive, air capacity is 24000m3/h

Extract fan

1*5.5kw turbo fan, direct drive, air capacity: 18000m3/h

Heating system

Italy Riello G20 oil burner with heat productivity of 200000Kcal/h, Stainless steel heat exchanger, with explosion-proof hole. 1 electric damper switches from spraying to baking cycle (Pneumatic damper as a option)

Filter system

Pre-filter, high efficiency filter(ceiling filter), floor filter, extract carbon filter.

Control system

Spraying, heat spraying, baking temperature, time setting, failure indicator, lighting switch, temperature controller, pressure gauge, power switch


As requested

Max temperature


Color options

White, orange, blue, red, or combinations of colors

Total power



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