MIG Welding Center FY-200

MIG Welding Center FY-200
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The Aluminium MIG Welder FY-200 is specifically designed for aluminium repair jobs. Suitable for all positions and high speed welding of various aluminium materials. The welder is also suitable for high quality welding of various metallic materials such as low carbon steel, low alloy steel, high strength low alloy steels, stainless steels, iron and nickel. With a one piece design, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) electronic speed control provides an effective, smooth and steady wire feed during the welding process. Adjustable welding and interval times are specifically designed for easy and flexible spot welding of sheet metal. Extensively used in the welding and field operation of steel construction, oil pipelines, car production, shipyards and industrial installations.
※  Voltage auto detect function
※  Welding gun test function
※  Digital display
※  Multi-bridge rectifier
※  Complete with VPOWER wire feeder with four-roll dual drive system for use in welding of aluminum
※  Complete with welding guns for use in welding of aluminium and steel
※  Complete with regulator for aluminium welding
※  Adjustable dynamic arc characteristic
※  Good forming capability and quality weld appearance
※  Complete with tool box and anti-blocking agent
※  Separated wire feeder and welding gun with extendable cable is available as an option


Input Voltage:
Rated maximum supply current:
Maximum effective supply current:
Output current/voltage:
No-load voltage:
Welding current range:
Duty cycle:
Insulation grade:
Weldable wire:
Voltage regulation range:
AC 380-400V 3-phase
35A/17V - 200A/24V
20 - 31 V
35 - 200 A
Low Carbon Steel Solid
Wire Ф1.0、1.2m
10 steps
880 x 470 x 890mm

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